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June 13, 2013
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Model doll application by SoftPoison Model doll application by SoftPoison
Full Name: Candy Taylor
Gender: Male
Nationality: Australian
Languages: English, Dutch

Age: 20
Birthday: June 7

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Pink, blue, black and purple :D

Sexual Orientation: Omniloving
Relationship Status: Taken

Special Skills: Can imitate Picachu very well... Pika.. pika.. Chuuuu
Good Traits: Happy go lucky, innocent, star-eyed, Playfull, big believer
Bad Traits: naf, easily fooled, candy addiction, clumsy


If you pass the preliminaries, you can only bring two things to comfort you into the Top Model House, what are they?
My unicorns and teddy bears and my cupcake pillow.. and some pictures of my friends. Oehh and my mr. Cotton.

What will you miss the most?
My Room.. It has a big rainbow painted on the wall. And i'll miss my strawberry plant. I called it mr. Strawberry plant

What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Uhhmm.. I've painted the hair of my brother pink.. And he loooooked like a princess.. Yesss. But he didn't like it.. *pout*

What is your biggest regret and biggest achievement so far?
Biggest achievement... I did ride a pink pony once... I was awesomee because it was pink *0* and regret.. My goldfish died ..And my brother didn't let me bury it.. They flushed it down the toilet..

What is the one thing you cannot stand?
That you get fat when you eat a lot of cupcakes....

What kind of person do you like & dislike?
Like: Everybody *0*/ Dislike: Uhhmm.. mean people.

Are you faithful or easily tempted?
I don't know..

On a scale from 1 (no control at all) to 10 (complete control), rate your ability to control your sexual drive/impulse.
My what...?

Are you envious/jealous or you are just happy for other people's great achievements?
I'm happy for everybody.. We can be all happy together :D Yaaaaaay and then we can eat cupcakessss :la:

Can you handle stress or you crack?
I don't really have stress.. I have this lucky stone ( it's pink :omg: ) and when I look at it alllll the bad feelings will go away.. It's magic... Yesss

Are you too sexy for your shirt and know it, or do even though people say you are sexy you don't believe them?
Hihihi *giggles* sexy :blush:

Are you the tidy type, or you leave things where they fall?
I always clean my roooooom :D Yessss *0*/

Do you clean after yourself and others or you just ignore and hope it will go away?
I alway clean up after myself because if I don't my brother says that he will behead my unicorns..

What is your relationship with food?
I reallllly like foooood. Especially candy and cake and cupcakes :la:

What's your relationship with animals?
I really reallly love animals.. I want to have a zoo in our garden .. and a realll unicorn pretty please

Why do you believe you can win this competition?
I don't know.. *blushes* But if I did that would be so super duper awesome :la:
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