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Whoever reads this gets a cookie....

Thu Mar 20, 2014, 8:40 AM

Whoever reads it alll gets a rainbow cookie ;)
So I got tagged by some awesome people
:iconelfgutz: :iconfreiheit89kltz: :iconazumixvampire: :iconnephiisto: :icondoll-o3o-face:

To keep you guys alive i'll tell 15 facts about myself instead of 50.. I'm such a good person ;)

1 I don’t drink water.. I don’t like the taste

2 I’m very tall

3 I’m an icecream monster. I can eat icecream alllll day long

4 I’m very lazy (especially at the moment)

When I see little puppies I’ll drool. They are sooooo cute

6 I always need to play with something. Like when I’m talking I just need to have something in my hands

7 I’m afraid of clowns

8 I laugh the hardest at my own jokes… very lame..  I know

9 I talk a lot.. like people ask me to shut up sometimes

10 I love dinosaurs <3

11 My favourite animal is a white shark

12 I don’t really like the color pink.. (sorry candy)

13 I really like my hair because always people want to touch it.. and I really like it when people touch my hair

14 I cried at the Disney movie Mulan

15 I wish I had Dragonball Z powers  AWESOMEEE

I got 50 questions.. but that will be very boring to read it all.. So I'll awnser 7 questions of every 10 I got :D

These questions I got from the awesome :iconelfgutz:

1) Where u @? (country)

The Netherlands

2) Favourite bands/musicians?
Blindside,Bullet for my valentine, Escape the fate, Flyleaf, Mayday parade, Papa roach, My chemical romance, Sleeping with sirens, Trapt

3) Do you like skinny or super tank boys/girls?
I like the both :D

4) Do you have pets?
A cute little dog called Binky

5) Do you enjoy being human?
yeah, but it would be more awesome if I could be an unicorn

6) Do you watch Adventure Time?
No... T^T

7) Favourite colour?
Green <3

These questions I got from the sweetest :iconfreiheit89kltz:

1. Do you like to read books? If you do, what genre is your favorite?

Nope, I don't read.. only schoolbooks atm
2. What are the things you're scared of?
Very big and hairy spiders..... grossss

3. Favorite meal?
I reallly like a dutch dish calles stoof peren. I can eat those things allll day long

4. Thing you dislike the most?
The mean things that people say about each other in this hobby. Why so much hate. We all love the same thing. Lets alll just enjoy the love for this hobby together!

5. Tell me 5 things you like about yourself (I knooow, is not a question but just answer
- My eyes
- My jokes
- My dog
- My hair
- My friends <3

6. Where do you live?
In a house in the Netherlands :)

7. What's your favorite thing to do when you get bored?
Annoying my dog XD

These questions I got from the lovely :iconazumixvampire:

1. What is the most out-of-comfortzone thing you ever did?
Uhhmm.. I sang a song for the 50th birthday of my mother for a big audience. I did shit my pants....

2. If you could choose any country to live, where would it be and what would your life there look like? 
Seoul, South Korea. Ansd then I would have my own boyband and dress them the way i wanted :D And nine style would be mine ;)

3. Favorite sweet(s)?
No, not really. I don't really like sweets.

4. If I gave you a 3000 dollars and told you to invest it wisely, where would you invest it in?
In my own house. I would buy some new stuff.

5. Most awkward moment in your life?
Still needs to happen hahaha XD

6. If you were famous, how would you get rid of paparazzi?
I would take pictures of them. Show them how annoying they are.

7. The walking Dead, Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones?
The walking dead!

These questions I got from the cutes :icondoll-o3o-face:

1. If you could be any one of your OC's (and/or BJD's) who would you be and why?
Candy, because he loves everything and everyone. He sees the world as a  magical world

2. Do you wanna build a snowman?
Hell yeah!!

3. If you were a super hero, what would your catch phrase be? 
Today I catch you, tomorrow the world.. XD

4. If you were a super villain what would your catch phrase be?
And I got away again ...

5. Would you rather be a super hero, or a super villain? Why?
Super villain. There customes are always way more kick ass!

6. What was your favorite cartoon growing up?
Goku from Dragonball Z

7. Theres a fire- you're the last one in your house, all of your worldly possessions and family members are safe EXCEPT FOR YOUR BJD's! The walls are caving in, the fire is blazing, occasionally licking your flesh, causing sever burns- but its okay! As the walls cave in and threaten to trap you there is a space! A small space!! Space just enough for you AND ONE DOLL to fit through. You have a split second to make a choice- who do you pick!? Who do you take with you out of the blaze!? There. Can. Only. Be. One. 
Nooooo.. only one.. Uhhhmm.. IDK T^T
I think Candy. He is just very special for me :D


My questions for you:

1. What is your favourite magical creature?
2. If you where dead. who would you haunt?
3. If you where an unicorn what kind of power would you have?
5. If one of your characters could come to life, who would it be?
6. What kind of car is beter? A flying car or an invincible car?
7. Wings or magical powers?
8. What is your favourite song of all time?
9.  If you could be a dinosaur.. what kind of dinosaur whould you be?
10. K-pop or J-rock?

:iconshunyuki: :icontinaheart: :iconstarobots: :iconroomtwo: :icontaurea: :iconlipslock: :iconasainemuri:  :icongardenofmoons: :iconazumixvampire: :iconhannonsandark:

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Asagi4hero Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice pictures in your gallery there. :3 But mostly I wanted to say:

OMFG YOUR WEBCAM GIF IS FUCKING AMAZING! -Ahem- That is all. While I'm at it, have a llama.

Keep up the good work. :)
EmoBoiy69 Apr 7, 2014  New member Student Artist
I'm a huge fan and love all your dolls u have inspired me to get one so now I'm waiting for my sweet

Daisuke to get here lol ...and I hope to when I get I'm all set up to send u photos of him <3

spiti84 Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
love your dolls and your photos of them :aww:
(1 Reply)
Freiheit89Kltz Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ohmygoshh! OMG thank you very very muuuuch for the fav La la la la 
It means a lot coming from you ;3; really, thank chuu Hug 
(1 Reply)
PuppitProductions Apr 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
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